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Tiger's Eye Bead Necklace

Tiger's Eye Bead Necklace

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This exquisite piece features small, polished tiger's eye beads, renowned for their captivating chatoyancy that resembles the majestic gaze of its namesake. Each bead is carefully selected to showcase the stone's natural, earthy hues, ranging from rich golden browns to deep, mysterious umbers. The beads are connected into a lustrous gold-plated chain-link, offering a harmonious blend of natural elegance and refined craftsmanship. Perfect for those who seek a touch of sophistication with a hint of wild allure, this necklace promises to be a versatile addition to any jewelry collection.

Product description: polished small beads made of Tigers Eye stone, 18" in total length necklace with a 2.5" adjustable link.

Please note that some gems and stones may have imperfections due to the nature of the product. The effects of crystals can be subjective and largely depend on an individual's personal beliefs and openness to the concept. The product images may differ from the actual items due to variations in lighting and camera adjustments, which can enhance certain colors and textures. PHOTO PROPS ARE NOT INCLUDED***

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