Collection: Amethyst


Amethyst is a type of quartz that is well-known for its vibrant purple color. It has a rich history, dating back to ancient times. The Ancient Greeks and Romans valued this gemstone highly, believing it could prevent drunkenness. Its name even comes from the Greek word "amethystos," meaning "not drunk." Historically, it was also used by the Egyptians in jewelry and by Medieval European soldiers to bring about calm and healing in battle. Royals and religious leaders have often used it throughout history due to its deep color and supposed spiritual properties. Amethyst is also the birthstone for February and is often chosen for jewelry due to its durability and beautiful, varying shades of purple

Many today often associate amethyst with spirituality, peace, and protection. It's often used in meditation for its claimed calming properties. In crystal healing, it's said to help with emotional issues, the nervous system, insomnia, and addiction. However, it's important to note that these benefits aren't scientifically proven and should not replace medical treatments.