About Uplift AURA

Welcome to Uplift AURA, where the essence of balance, wellness, and a touch of the mystical come together. Born from the founder's lifelong fascination with crystals and their metaphysical properties, and having an interest in eco-friendly, non-toxic skin care products, our journey began in 2023 with a vision to create something truly unique. The concept of integrating gemstones and skincare products to create a metaphysical shield while simultaneously nourishing and protecting the skin was gradually taking shape. By January 2024, Uplift AURA was launched, bringing high-vibration stone jewelry and high-vibration skin care to life.

At Uplift AURA, we believe that the value of historical places, artifacts, and gemstones goes far beyond their physical presence. We recognize that many gemstone and crystal shops may appear similar, but we strive to stand out by offering more than just beautiful products. We create engaging short videos that delve into the historical significance and benefits of our high-vibration jewelry and skincare items, ensuring you not only see but also understand their true value.

Transparency is at the heart of our commitment to you. We proudly list all the natural and organic ingredients in our skincare products, so you can be confident in what you're using on your skin. Our dedication to quality and authenticity sets us apart, making your experience with Uplift AURA both enlightening and enriching. Our products are for any being interested in RAISING THEIR VIBE, or for those who have an interest in accessories that have a deep meaning and look vibrant.

Whether you're drawn to our aesthetically pleasing products, our dedication to natural and organic skincare, we're glad you're here. There’s a reason you’ve found us, and we hope your visit leaves you inspired and informed.

Thank you for being a part of the Uplift AURA journey.




RAISE YOUR VIBE refers to the concept of improving one’s emotional well-being and spiritual energy, which is believed to contribute to overall health and positivity. Engaging in activities that promote happiness, gratitude, and peace are often recommended for this purpose. This can include meditation, spending time in nature, practicing kindness, and pursuing creative endeavors. When your vibration is high, it’s thought that you are more aligned with your best self, leading to a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Taking care of your skin with natural ingredients falls in line with the practice of raising your vibration by promoting health and wellness through more holistic means. Skin is the largest organ of the body and is often a reflection of our overall health. Using natural skincare products can minimize exposure to harsh chemicals, which is not only beneficial for your skin but also reduces the toxic load on your body. Ingredients like aloe vera, tea tree oil, honey, and coconut oil have been used for centuries for their healing and nourishing properties. Incorporating these into your skincare routine can support the skin's natural barrier, promote healing, and maintain a healthy, radiant complexion.

Combining both high-vibration practices and natural skincare can be a harmonious approach to well-being, aligning the pursuit of internal happiness and peace with the care and respect for the physical body.

Uplift Aura strongly believes in improving one’s vibration by combining products such as high-vibration stone jewelry and natural ingredients skin care. All the products that are featured can potentially have a positive impact to one's physical and metaphysical existence. Enhancing one’s VIBE is the key to feeling good and looking vibrant!