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Uplift Aura

Radiant Trio

Radiant Trio

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Elevate your day with the captivating energy of our "Radiant Trio Collection," a bespoke set of bracelets each featuring a unique, powerful stone. The vibrant Carnelian bracelet inspires action and courage, the mesmerizing Tiger's Eye bracelet offers protection and balance, and the luminous Citrine bracelet attracts joy and abundance. Together, this collection not only makes a striking fashion statement but also supports your journey towards a harmonious and empowered life.

The Radiant Trio Collection includes: 

  1. 8mm Polished Beads Carnelian Bracelet
  2. 8mm Polished Beads Tiger's Eye Bracelet
  3. 8mm Polished Beads Citrine Bracelet
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