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Uplift Aura

Obsidian Chips Necklace

Obsidian Chips Necklace

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Indulge in the enigmatic allure of the Earth's natural beauty with our Obsidian Chips Necklace. Meticulously crafted, this unique piece showcases a string of polished obsidian chips, each one a tiny mirror to the universe's mysterious depths. The deep, glossy black of the obsidian, formed from rapidly cooled volcanic lava, embodies strength, protection, and grounding energies, making this necklace not just an accessory, but a talisman for the wearer. Its versatile design allows it to be a statement piece for special occasions or a subtle complement to your everyday wear. Embrace the power of nature and add an element of sophisticated mystique to your jewelry collection with this captivating obsidian chips necklace.

Product description: One necklace made of Obsidian gemstone polished chips. The necklace measures approximately 30-32" in total length.

Please note that some gems and stones may have imperfections due to the nature of the product. The effects of crystals can be subjective and largely depend on an individual's personal beliefs and openness to the concept. The product images may differ from the actual items due to variations in lighting and camera adjustments, which can enhance certain colors and textures. PHOTO PROPS ARE NOT INCLUDED***

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