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Uplift Aura

Glow of Grace Trio

Glow of Grace Trio

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This Trio Bracelet Set combines the warm glow of Sunstone, the serene luster of Moonstone, and the vibrant sparkle of Citrine into an exquisite symphony of colors. Wearing them not only adorns your wrist with their captivating beauty but also weaves their powerful properties into your daily life. The Sunstone brightens your AURA with positivity and courage, Moonstone enhances your intuition and emotional harmony, and Citrine draws in abundance and joy. Together, they offer a stunning accessory that's not just visually appealing but deeply enriching, empowering you to walk through life with confidence and grace

The Glow of Grace Trio includes: 

  1. 8mm Polished Beads Sunstone Bracelet
  2. 8mm Polished Beads Moonstone Bracelet
  3. 8mm Polished Beads Citrine Bracelet
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