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Uplift Aura

Earthen Harmony Trio

Earthen Harmony Trio

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Discover the natural elegance of our striking and harmonious bracelet combination: The Earthen Harmony Trio collection ~ featuring the vibrant energy of Red Turquoise, the serene balance of Olive Jade, and the dynamic warmth of Red Tiger's Eye. Each stone is carefully selected to create a symphony of colors and textures, embodying the spirit of earth's inherent beauty. Perfect for those who seek to harmonize boldness with tranquility in their adornments. The mix of these stones can also appeal to those interested in the metaphysical properties of gemstones, providing a blend of protection, balance, and creativity.

The Trio Includes:

  • Red Turquoise - 8mm stone beads bracelet
  • Olive Jade - 8mm stone beads bracelet
  • Red Tiger's Eye - 8mm stone beads bracelet
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