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Uplift Aura

Tri-Element Power Stones Bracelet

Tri-Element Power Stones Bracelet

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Unleash your inner strength and balance with our Tri-Element Power Stones Bracelet, a harmonious blend of Tiger's Eye, Lava Stone, and Black Onyx beads. This piece is not just a fashion statement but a potent symbol of courage, protection, and grounding. Tiger's Eye beads infuse confidence and willpower, Lava Stone connects you to the earth with its grounding properties, and Black Onyx shields against negativity. Perfectly designed for both style and spiritual well-being, this bracelet is your everyday armor against life's challenges. Embrace the power of nature and elegance, all in one wrist accessory.

The Powerful Bracelet-Trio Includes: 

  1. 8mm Polished Beads Tiger’s Eye Bracelet
  2. 8mm Beads Lava Stone Bracelet
  3. 8mm Polished Beads Black Onyx Bracelet
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