I am Jimmy, a native of Los Angeles, CA, and a fluent Spanish speaker. My journey includes honorable service as a U.S. Army and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Veteran, and I am an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.

My passions are diverse and eclectic, encompassing:

Mind & Spirit: Meditation, spiritualism, knowing about the occult, astrology, reincarnation, past lives, remote viewing, acquiring useful knowledge, and exploring the mysteries of inner earth.
Beyond the Earth: Interests in extraterrestrials, interterrestrials, UFOs/UAPs, outer space mysteries, deep sea mysteries and keeping abreast of significant world events.
Wellness & Fitness: High-vibration activities, living a healthy lifestyle, weight-lifting, cardio, and tailoring my diet to my blood type.
Music & Sports: Enjoyment of electronic and high-vibration music, metal and rock genres, and a keen enthusiasm for UFC and football.

Thank you for taking the time and energy to read my short biography. 

Best regards,